5 places that motivate us to continue traveling - Why travel?


Keep traveling, that's the motto. Today we return with one of our compilations of places that have impacted us. We have to say that all of them have brought us pleasant memories that we may never forget. Keep in mind one thing, the world is full of incredible scenarios or wonderful people who are able to transform and make your dreams come true. Traveling, continuing to travel, allows you these many many things and especially live things that sometimes you do not expect.

Ngorongoro Crater - On the other side

Why keep traveling?

Each trip has its good moments and others not so pleasant. Sometimes unexpected situations are the best essence of the trip, because they make you see and discover new things. We always say that in each trip you have to do two things, discover and to explore. In the world we live in, there are fewer and fewer things to discover, so skipping the rules and leaving aside conventional tourist routes could be the best thing that can happen to you on your trip. Do not hesitate, you must continue traveling.

1. Nicaragua and the Escalante River

Nicaragua is one of those countries that leave a good taste in the mouth. I remember arriving at the Pacific Coast along a bumpy road and rivers to get around, we arrive at a small town already getting dark. We had only one day and unfortunately we arrived a little late. We had read in the National Geographic the existence of large turtles on its beaches, a phenomenon that is highly valued Lonely planet I did not mention. We ask the owner of the humble hotel about them, giving us an answer as simple as effective, walk along the beach. And so we did. Heading north we walked for 2 hours on a dark night across a river and bypassing two cliffs without seeing any turtle. Almost with the feeling of defeat we saw in the distance a small light coming out of the jungle. From the jungle emerged, giving us a huge scare,a military man with his submachine gun. What are you doing around here, are you crazy? Join me. The illusion became fear and shortly after in amazement. Hundreds of turtles went out to lay their eggs in our path, having to dodge them while we accompanied this good man who did his job at the end, which was to take us to his boss to give us a sermon for recklessness. Without words we are left with this show worthy of the best documentary of the BCB.


2. Senegal and the Bassari Country

We can say that Senegal is not the most beautiful country in Africa, but places like the Country Bassari, mainly due to its people, always evoke a smile in me. When you know them, you realize that they still have innocence intact, without evil, without the need for the material. They are curious, ready for everything. As adults they are workers, true survivors in a place that seems to be little by little theirs. It is looking at a child, smiling at him and giving you a laugh. It's taking a picture with him and marvel at being immortalized. I would not get tired of photographing them, because I would not know which of them makes them happier, or maybe daydreaming.

Bassari Country

3. Chile and the Torres del Paine

There is a letter of the alphabet that we will always keep in mind, the W, a letter that gives its name to the spectacular hiking route around the Torres del Paine, in Chile. Combining Patagonian steppe, a turquoise blue lake and the famous horns of Paine form one of the most spectacular mountain postcards on the planet. Places like this make the less hiker or the less intrepid on the mountain, love and pale before one of the clear examples of why this planet we live in is so incredible.

Horns of Paine

4. Indonesia and Mount Bromo

Finally, Monte Bromo, a place that almost made us return home with a broken dream and that thanks to patience became one of the most spectacular pictures and moments we have lived so far. To wait more than 3 hours to see how a sea of ​​clouds left to give way to the most spectacular volcanic landscape in the world, is to see how your face becomes so silly, that you don't stop smiling because a place like this is there.

Mount bromine

5. There are countries that have made us daydream more than once

Indonesia, the United States or Tanzania due to their variety and diversity make them such magical destinations, that we cannot leave places like the Grand Canyon, where any expression falls short, Kawah Ijen in Indonesia, a sub-realistic place for its landscape as the regime of life that miners who work in the crater and Tanzania lead, because life, pure animal beauty is in Ngorongoro, a crater where biodiversity and freedom are breathed, as life on this planet has to be.

Lions in Ngorongoro

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