7 Routes to enjoy the snow in Guadarrama


As every year, the snow makes an appearance in the Sierra de Guadarrama and thousands of tourists go up every weekend to enjoy it. There are many places to savor it, throw us some snowballs and even use sleds or skis, but what we propose goes further and is to encourage you to climb some of the most representative summits of the Guadarrama National Park.

Iron heads

7 Routes to enjoy the snow in Guadarrama

Today we recommend a series of routes to enjoy the white mantle that covers the Sierra de Guadarrama every winters They are routes almost all of them affordable and that run through high mountains so we advise you to exercise caution.

1 The summit of Peñalara

It is said that the highest mountain is usually the highest and this saying is not far behind in the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park. With its more than 2400 meters of altitude it is promoted by numerous mountain enthusiasts, mainly for its easy access and its short distance. In just 1h and 30 minutes you reach its summit from the port of Cotos, having just over 600 meters of unevenness. The most daring rise from The farm, exceeding more than 1400 meters that separate the town from the highest point of the mountain.

Risco de los Pajaros - Peñalara

If we do not have the time and the necessary material to ascend to the Peñalara, we can always visit the lagoon that is right under your feet and can be reached in less than 30 minutes from it Cotos parking.

Here we leave you a route that ascends to the Peñalara:

  • The south face of the Peñalara from La Granja

2 The Iron Heads. The set of snowy peaks seen from Madrid

Probably our favorite route within the Sierra de Guadarrama. It has a medium slope, not very complicated, but it is much longer than the Peñalara, even though that him Iron Head Major It is the second highest summit of the entire mountain range. The views of Madrid and of the Pedriza They are really exquisite.

Ironheads in winter - Snow in Guadarrama

Here we leave you a route that ascends to the Iron Heads:

3 The Nevero. Guadarrama snow reserve

For those who visit the mountains from time to time,he Nevero It is a total unknown. Located in the town of Lozoya, it usually starts from the top of the Navafría port, having just 2h until its summit. Its difficulty is minimal and is ideal for the practice of snow rackets in Guadarrama in the winter.

Nevero - Sierra de Guadarrama

Something that many people do not do is ascend from its north face, from the town of Navafría. All a recommendation.

Ascent to Pico del Nevero

Here we leave you a route that ascends to the Nevero:

  • Nevero winter circular
  • Nevero by its North face (Navafría)

4 The Najarra. At the foot of Miraflores de la Sierra

Many will know theMorcuera port. That place where hundreds of tourists gather on weekends to launch a snowball war with their children. Well, from here several routes leave and all of them very simple, one of them being the Najarra. 1h may be enough to ascend it and enjoy the good views of the Pedriza.

Najarra in winter - Snow in Guadarrama

Here we leave you a route that ascends to the Najara:

  • Circular through the Morcuera and the Najarra

5 The Malicious. The perfect mountain

Our view, which can be wrong, gives the most beautiful mountain award in the entire mountain range to the Malicious. This rocky mountain on its south face is much softer on the opposite side. Generally ascends from the parking of the Barranca in Navacerrada or from the World Ball, although we advise doing so from Sierra calf, which is undoubtedly the most beautiful route by far.

Malicious from Becerril de la Sierra

Here we leave you two routes that ascend to the Malicious one:

  • Route along the south side to the Malicious
  • Route from Mataelpino

6 The popular Pedriza. Rock formations without competition.

It is the best known mountainous area of ​​the Madrid's community and in turn the most visited. This can take back more than one, but the area is large enough to find very lonely places. Ideally, perform the Integral route, but if our legs do not respond as we would like, we have a much mascorta variant which also reaches the highest level, the Torres de la Pedriza.

La Pedriza with snow

Here we leave you two routes that ascend the Pedriza:

  • Classical integral of the Pedriza
  • Circular route along the Pedriza

7 The Ball of the World. Tintin was never here

Also know as Alto de Guaramillas, is a very short route of just 45 minutes from the Navacerrada Harbor. It is striking an antenna placed on top of the mountain, very similar to the rocket that led to the comic character of Tintin to the moon.

Bola del Mundo - Snow in Guadarrama

If you liked the Sierra de Guadarrama, we leave you a link to other 7 winter routes in the Sierra de Gredos.

Practical data

When to go?

The Sierra de Guadarrama It is only 45 minutes from the capital of Spain. A city of more than 4 million inhabitants eager to go outside every weekend. Fortunately, the mountains are large and capable of welcoming everyone and many more, as long as we know where we are going because there are certain points that end up collapsing and the Civil Guard ends up closing the accesses, as is the Cotos parking. This car park, the main access road to the Peñalara and the Cabezas de Hierro, is usually filled on Saturdays and Sundays before 9 in the morning. Therefore our main advice is to take our laziness and get up early.

How to get?

There are certain places that we can only access by car and others have buses and even atrain. The train is a suburban train that departs from the station Cercedilla and leave us in Cotos. On the other hand the bus It makes a complete tour to the national park.

What to wear What precautions should I take with snow in Guadarrama?

In winter it is essential to wear crampons and ice ax, and of course know how to use them. Certainly on many routes they can go as ornaments in our backpacks, even more when we follow a fairly beaten path or the day has been sunny and in turn hot, quite frequent in the area, but every precaution is little. Although it weighs and hinders, they should go in the backpack and use them whenever necessary.

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We always check the weather and webcams, since they are always very useful in order to know the weather.

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