The best photographs of the month of June


The best photographs of the month of June. After a small break in Travel for free because of a painful migration of Hosting, these types of things are what make you think if it is worth changing providers, we return with one of the classics, the best photographs of last month. This month we dedicate it to several places in the Spanish territory, such as Huelva, the unknown Sierra del Rincón, Tarragona, Mount Gorbeia or one of the most charismatic places in the Spanish capital, the source of Cibeles.

Apart, London and malt With small strokes of history and a bet, the advantages and disadvantages of an organized trip.

Here are a selection of the photographs that you can see in the trips of the month of June, to enjoy!

London. The temple church

It is the year 1118 of our era, a group of gentlemen among whom wasGodofredo of Saint-Audemar they appear in Jerusalem with the mission of protecting the pilgrims who arrived in the Holy Land. Following these events is foundedthe order of the Knights Templar.

Temple church

Sierra del Rincón. La Hiruela, paradise of tranquility

Just 90 minutes fromMadrid is theSierra del Rincón. A Madrid region composed of 5 locations, among which isLa Hiruela.

Helipad in La Hiruela

Euskal Mendiak. Gorbeia, visit to the Basque Mountains

HeMount gorbeia it is one of the highest peaks ofBasque Country and also one of the most visited, mainly due to its sloping skirts and easy accessibility.


Tarragona Key Points of the City

Tarragona is known for its Roman past. By nameTarracoThe exact date of its foundation is unknown, but it was during the Roman invasion that it became an important city within the Mediterranean area.

Roman amphitheater

Malta much more than 12 to 1

Thehistory of the Republic of Malta is that of a territory that endured a multitude of colonizations. That he fought and fought with all his weapons until, in 1964, he finally achieved his independence.


Huelva It's not just beach, it's much more

Every year hundreds of thousands of tourists chooseHuelva As a holiday destination. They are looking for a quiet place and of course the crown jewel of Spanish tourism, the sun and the beach.

Village of Rocio

Emblematic places in Madrid. Cibeles Fountain

A place and an essential point in every visit, almost crossing roads, in order to see the most beautiful spaces in the capital of Manzanares.

Views from the terrace

Advantages and disadvantages of an organized trip

The traveler ofTravel for Free He is primarily independent, flees from the masses, turns his destiny into an adventure, a challenge, an experience, he has the need to feel free to do so ...


The best photographs of the month of June.