The best photographs of the month of December


The best photographs of the month of December. Last month we showed you several hiking trails in Spain such as the Pine forests of Rodeno in Albarracín, one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. We also visited an impressive canyon like the Foz de Lumbier in Navarra, and following the north one of the most beautiful routes of the Cantabrian mountain range, Peña Prieta. Finally the White boiler in Lanzarote, a huge crater that we should not overlook.

Leaving Spain Cambodia return to Travel for free with a floating village like Chong Kneas Following in Asia appearsIndonesia and the Mount bromine, possibly the most spectacular volcano in the world. The India begins its journey in Travel for free with Leh, the Indian Himalayas.

We finish in America where we showU.S and Bodie, an isolated mining town on the mountain, and Nicaragua, with a Caribbean as unknown as Little corn island.

December collage

Here are a selection of the photos you can see on the trips of the month of December.

Aragon. Hiking through the Pinares de Rodeno

Next to one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, the Pinares de Rodeno hide a multitude of cave art caves between canyons and streams of crystal clear water.

Pine forests of Rodeno

Cambodia. The floating town of Chong Kneas

Because of its uniqueness and also because of its proximity to Angkor Wat, Chong KneasHe leaves us speechless to see how his people are able to live in small houses on the water.

Chong Kneas

U.S. A mining town called Bodie

It seems incredible that a town is in a place as high and as isolated as Bodie, but gold is gold, and this precious mineral made Bodie the second largest city in California.

Old car
The leaning house

Navarre. A walk through the Lumbier Foz

Short-distance, the path that crosses the foothills of Lumbier allows you to see dozens of vultures on the Irati River.

Griffon Vultures

Indonesia. A science fiction landscape, Mount Bromo

We still have our mouths open after spending a sunrise in the Mount bromine and see one of the most spectacular landscapes on the planet.

Mount bromine
Mount bromine

Carrionas fountains. Peña Prieta crossing

This route is what we call good hiking. Sleeping in a tent by a lake and crossing one of the most important routes of the Cantabrian Mountains.

Peña Prieta

Nicaragua. The unknown Caribbean, Little Corn Island

Until we visited Nicaragua we did not know its existence. When we get to it, it captivates us. Little corn island It is a small paradise away from the traditional routes of the Caribbean.

A smile on Little Corn Island
Little corn island

Canary Islands. Lanzarote and the Caldera Blanca Volcano

One of the classic hiking trails in the Canary Islands.

Caldera Blanca Volcano

India. Leh and the wonders of the Indian Himalayas

I can't hide my passion for this place, a remote place in India within our favorite destinations.

Leh - Polo match
Hemis National Park
Leh Overview