Guide to visit Romania in a week or ten days


Romania is one of those countries that continue to maintain a spirit, culture and charms that few European countries can overcome. Visiting Romania has that old flavor of ex-communist countries half done where tourism wants to enter but still little or very little is perceived. Romania is a country where nature is represented by Carpathians or Transylvania. Whether in a week, a month or whatever you want, Romania gives a lot. Today we propose you in this little guide a week or ten days of travel under the experience that we have lived in our trips to the country of “Dracula”.


Visit Romania in a week or ten days

Romania is an ideal country to go in rental car, since accessing certain points can be a bit awkward if you go on media such as the bus. The train exists, but it is not one of its strong eyes. Besides, if you travel for a week or ten days you cannot afford to waste much time between stop and stop. With the car you can enjoy viewpoints or impossible roads that the bus would not leave you.

Transfăgărășan, Romania

If you decide to travel Romania by car, calculate about € 250 per week for a couple. We have rented more than one Dacia in the Bucharest-Henri Coandă International airport, Bucharest, and it never fails us.

We have been to Romania several times because we are attracted to its mountains and the little tourism it has. Therefore, facing the itinerary that we propose today is a recommendation under our experience to follow a route that runs through most spectacular landscapes of Transylvania avoiding roads that offer you nothing. We have traveled hundreds of kilometers and we can tell you that you can find roads that will only offer you a simple green mantle. Here is the selection of what to see in Romania.

  • Peles Castle
  • Bucegi Natural Park
  • Ascension to Mount Omu of 2,505m (by cable car up to 2,200m 🙂)
  • Hiking in Bucegi (if you go 10 days)
  • Brasov
  • Sighișoara (if you go 10 days)
  • Rasnov
  • Bran Castle
  • Curtea de Arges
  • Transfagarasan, the most spectacular road in Europe
  • Sibiu
  • Lost monastery in the mountains
  • Bucharest

In the previous links you have more information about each stage of our trip through Romania

Guide to visit Romania

This itinerary is based on a travel at a normal pace and with some route of trekking, since it is the best way to see everything that this country offers. We do not stop seeing cities, monasteries or castles, Romania offers a lot and I think it is an ideal trip for a long Holy Week even.

Budget (€)

Romania remains a cheap and affordable country unlike its western neighbors.

  • Rental car: € 250 a week
  • Gasoline: € 100 the entire trip
  • Tolls and Parkings: 0€
  • accommodation: € 20-50 per day.
  • Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner: € 30-60 per day
  • Whims we have all: € 100 the entire trip

The rental car can leave from € 30 or € 40 if you are looking for something not very large. In the BLOG offers section we have been collecting several, maybe some fit in your budget.

The total of kilometers made They were 750km for the seven-day trip and about 1,000km for the ten-day trip. The route is calm and above all, landscape. You can see the Route in Google Maps for 7 days here or 10 days here.

Hire a rental car

In order to rent a car we recommend the classic Dacia. It is the cheapest and the car is going great. Nothing fancy, but you will drive the car par excellence in the country.

The rental car can leave from € 30 or € 40 if you are looking for something not very big. In the BLOG offers section we have been collecting several, maybe some fit in your budget.

Passport and paperwork

We're in luck, you don't need anything! Being in a European Community country if you come from Spain you will not need a passport. Of course, remember, the currency it's not the euro, is the RON, which equals € 0.20 and € 0.25 per RON.


Romania is a safe country. At no time do you feel insecure, quite the opposite. People are friendly, sometimes a bit mischievous, but sure, very safe.

Health insurance

On one of the trips we had to pull the insurance. In Pitesti, west of Romania, one of the thousands of dogs that you can see in the streets of Romania, he became friends with one of my ankles and was about to annoy us the whole trip. Tell you that public hospitals, not all, are quite ruinous and unfortunate, So we recommend you not to visit them.

We attach a discount voucher If you decide to take out travel insurance. Just access the Iati website and if it will apply a 5% discount.

Itinerary for 10 days

The difference between visiting Romania in seven or ten days is to do without certainhiking trails, fromSighișoara and a half forget the decadent Bucharest. Our advice, ten days, since the routes we propose for a day are spectacular and touring Romania in a hurry, is never good. This is the itinerary that we recommend.

Day 1

Depending on the flight you can arrive in the typical low cost like Wizz Air that leaves you at dawn or Ryanair, Tarom or Air Europe with somewhat more decent schedules. Although if you are looking for flights through a Skyscanner comparator you can save money and time.

  1. Arrival at Bucharest-Henri Coandă International Airport. Right there you can pick up the rental car.
  2. Drive on highway north towards Ploiesti / Brasov
  3. Visit thePeles Castle, (111km from the airport)
  4. Go to the skirts of the Bucegi Natural Park
  5. Dine by Busteni to undertake the next day Mount Omu
  6. Sleep in Busteni

Day 2

The next day he plays a little trekking. Here you have two options, or make the complete route, or simply climb to the top, see the views, enjoy a quad and go back down to Busteni. We made the complete route, with a spectacular descent but that implies almost afull time. Ideal if you are more than a week in Romania.

  1. Ascend to Mount Omu by the Cableway. It leaves you more than 2,200m high next to a cabin
  2. Walk to the top of Monte Omu, with 2,505m. One of the highest mountains in Romania
  3. If you decide to do the full path, access the article we publish about Bugi. Maybe I can take you a extra day.
  4. Go to Brasov (40km from Busteni)
  5. Sleep on Brasov

Miguel Blanquer on Mount Omul- Trekking in Bucegui

Day 3

If you have more than 7 days a good option would be to go north towardsSighișoara , since you will need at least one night to visit the city. If not, drive to the surroundings of Brasov as they give for a lot. There you can find theRasnov fortress or Bran Castle, two of the most interesting points in Romania.

  1. Visiting Brasov will not take you more than half a day. Ideally, arrive at night and leave the next day in the afternoon
  2. Visit in historical Center
  3. Ride the Cableway to see the panorama of the city
  4. Depart to Sighișoara (120km from Brasov)
  5. Sleep in Sighișoara


Day 4

As on the previous day, it's time to enjoy one of the most beautiful cities in all of Romania. Walk its streets and enjoy the historic World Heritage Center and dating from the twelfth century.

  1. Sighișoara and visit are historic center
  2. In the afternoon / evening return to Brasov to make night and first hour depart to Rasnov. One option is to go back to sleep in Sighișoara and get up early

Day 5

Day of fortresses and castles. Start the "true" Dracula route. It's a road day, but it's one of the areas we like the most inland. This is the typical stage where you realize that visiting Romania is worth it.

  1. Go towardsRasnov (17km from Brasov) and discover this amazing fortress
  2. Go to him Bran Castle, elfalso Dracula's castle (12km from Rasnov)
  3. Sleep on the way in a cabin or cottage in the mountains

Dracula Castle - Bran Castle

Day 6

Day road and mountain passes. Alpine landscapes that rival the Alps or the Pyrenees. On this tour there are many viewpoints and small charming villages. The ideal is to be at least two days, as it is worth getting lost on the roads visiting caves or waterfalls in the mountains.

  1. Road trip towards Curtea de Arges
  2. Curtea de Arges (136km from Brasov. About 3h, the roads are mountain)
  3. In Curtea de Arges visit the Monastery and church of San Nicolas.
  4. Dracula's castle
  5. Tour theTransfagarasan, the most spectacular road in Europe
  6. Sleep at the highest point of the mountain pass in a cabin by the lake (Balea Lac). Spectacular!.

Curtea de Arges
Transfagarasan by the southern access

Day 7

Everything that goes up low, right? Touch down a road curves that remove the hiccups even the beautiful Sibiu city, Small, flirtatious and ideal to spend the day. Yesterday, as happened to us, will be the typical memory that you will take home after visiting Romania.

  1. Go towardsSibiu
  2. See the old town ofSibiu and what is left of its walls
  3. Eat in the main square and visit its Orthodox churches
  4. Sleep in Sibiu

Sibiu city center

Day 8

Touch back to Bucharest, but instead of crossing the mountains, a faster but less panoramic parallel road is taken. Everything to save time on the way back.

  • Leave on the E81 road towards Curtea de Arges (133km from Sibiu. About 2h15min)
  • See them monasteries on the way to Arges.
  • Bucharest (154km from Curtea de Arges. 2h by highway from Pitesti)

Monasteries in Romania

Day 9

Already in the capital with one or two days are more than enough to know the largest city in all of Romania.

  1. Visit the Parliament First thing, which is then impossible. There are ask for a date.
  2. Tour the Bucharest pedestrian center
  3. Go to the center gallery to smoke shisha
  4. Sleep in Bucharest


Day 10

The last day is the day of haste. It all depends on the return flight. If you want to shop we recommend a new Shopping Center that is next to the airport. If shopping isn't your thing, keep enjoying the city.

Visit Romania for nature and mountain lovers

There are two routes that require two or three days between the two that are very worthwhile. If you have time and you like hiking you have to do them.

  • MountainsBucegi
  • Ascension to Rosu Peak (2 days)

Travel insurance

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