Tanzania for free


Tanzania for free. Surely Tanzania is one of those countries that evoke a feeling of adventure, probably because it was where they put their adventurous boots how Richard Burton or John Hanning Speke to cross their lands in 1857 in search of the Nile fountains. I don't fall behind David Livingstone, missionary and explorer or the famous journalist Richard Morton Stanley. They all took accounts of their adventure from nineteenth-century Africa to England where this nostalgia for the old discoverers who still transmit countries such as Tanzania have reached our days.


Today Tanzania has already left behind its colonial past to become a country dedicated to tourism and the conservation of its national parks, parks for which countless documentaries of African wildlife have been filmed.

It is incredible to be in the middle of the crater of the Ngorongoro or of the Serengeti and to be able to perceive what we were, nature without cement, wild animals running at ease and especially the smell of freedom. Be in places like this and be able to see thousands of animals with your own eyes, as if from a city outside and be able to compare what you have today on the outskirts of a city like Madrid, New York or Paris and conclude that to see something similar you have to move thousands of kilometers tempts you to stay, set up your tent and learn a little Swahili. It is Tanzania, a paradise of the animal world and possibly one of the most incredible corners of the planet, without any doubt.

Travel Tanzania is easy and very safe. The logical thing is to rent a car with a driver, since without it you will not be able to access the parks, unless you skip the fence and get a lion, so do not hesitate to access this option, yes, Tanzania It is not a cheap country.

Lions in Ngorongoro

exist numerous agencies from Spain or from anywhere in the world that take you with all kinds of luxuries to Tanzania, but from the cheapest to the most expensive they coincide in one thing, you will always see thousands of animals. We as good savers always advise to hire it once you put your feet on the ground since you will save more than 50%, you can decide if you go alone or accompanied in the car and above all, you can travel on your own and at your leisure.

Apart from the safaris is the Kilimanjaro, a classic of mountain romanticism that has become the cavalcade of kings by the number of people who frequent it. Uploading it is easy, if you walk often, but keep in mind its height, since it is the only obstacle that can stop your ascent. If you feel bad for, if you can not go down, we have seen people die there just for not wanting to return home with the "dishonor" of not getting to the top, absurd.

Finally there are its islands, the spice islands, diving paradise where Zanzibar and Pemba take the palm.

This is Tanzania, it gives you nature, adventure, risk and above all beauty.

Basic data

GPS: 6° 10' 19" S / 35° 44' 29" AND
Surface: 948,087 km2
Religion:mostly Christian and Muslim on the coast.
Language: Swahili and English.
Currency: Shilling Tanzano (TZS)

When to go? / Weather

Tanzania, both inside and on its coasts have high temperatures all year, even exceeding 40 degrees. The Indian coast has a much more tropical climate with high humidity and occasional torrential rains.

Migration Map

In the high levels, like the Kilimanjaro, it reaches temperatures below zero at night, so before going to Tanzania you have to know very well which destinations to choose.

Therefore, if you want to go to the beach you should avoid the months of March to May, which is when the greatest rains fall. On the other hand, if the purpose of the trip is to make a safari, from December to June is when the higher concentration of animals, but the truth, no matter the month you visit Tanzania, you will always see many animals.

Currency and cost per day

Carry both dollars and euros in cash It is not a problem in Tanzania, since most of the tours or hotels accept foreign currency, always better valued than the national one.

On the other hand the card payment except in luxury hotels or in Zanzibar, in a few places you will be able to pay with Visa or with Mastercard.

Regarding the ATMs, except in Dar Es Salam and in Arusha, it is very difficult to find an ATM, so once out of these cities the only way to get change is in the banks or in the exchange offices.

In order to value a cost per day, if you go for free, camping or cheap hotels should not exceed 50 euros a day, yes, without counting tours or safaris.

Health and vaccines


  • If you come from a neighboring country, the vaccine from the yellow fever It is mandatory. If you come directly from Spain it is only optional.


  • Typhoid fever,
  • Hepatitis A and B,
  • Tetanus.

There is a risk of malaria below 2,000m.

Travel insurance

For a trip like this it is best to take out insurance. Iati offers us a offer for followers Travel for free. Traveling does not exempt you from having an accident, needing a doctor, a transfer or medication. Do not play it. Check the travel insurance by clicking on the banner and you will have a 5% in your insurance for being a travel reader for free. If you want more information click here.


You have the most up-to-date information by consulting the MAE page, but we can assure you that you travel through the north of Tanzania is quite safe, even traveling for free.

Transport. How to get around?

To get to Tanzania you have 3 important accesses. The first is a regular flight to Kilimanjaro airport, not far fromArusha. The second via Zanzibar, but in this case it is only advisable if you only go to the island. The third and possibly the cheapest is via Nairobi, Kenya, as there are more daily flights and buses (Scandinavian is the best known) and direct to Arusha.

Facing the interior transport, the best or only option to see the national parks is by renting a car with driver to do the safaris. In this regard, it is best to get there for free and hire it directly there, though, we advise you to rent a car with a maximum of 4 or 5 people, which after taking photos you can have a really bad time nudging each other.

In addition, if you go with a 4 × 4 with a driver, he can always propose different places to sleep unless you have agreed with him before the type of accommodation. In our case we agree on the cheapest, camping and shooting because it touches me, yes, taking from Spain the store and all the equipment. After all, taking all the equipment means daily savings.

Another option to move is in bus, Royal Coach preferably, option that we choose in order to go to Zanzibar fromMoshi.

Visa in Tanzania

The visa can be obtained upon arrival in the country, either at the airport or at any land border.


  • Visa of tourism - 90 days: € 50
  • Business visas - 6 months: € 100
  • Transit visa: € 30

What to visit?

We propose a tour of northern Tanzania of about 3 weeks that includes from a trekking through the highest mountain in Africa, the Kilimanjaro, the visit of the main national parks of northern Tanzania, Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara Y Serengeti, to end up relaxed on the white sand beaches of Zanzibar, a paradise along the coast of Africa.

Trekking in Kilimanjaro

Who does not know theKilimanjaroor also known as Uhuru Peak. That mountain with perpetual snows in central Africa (not the only one ...), which became famous thanks to the movie “The snows of Kilimanjaro", Starring Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner ... Continue ...


Ngorongoro National Park

After an unforgettable trekking in theKilimanjaro we decided to visit the main national parks of northern Tanzania,NgorongoroManyara Lake and theSerengeti. In this post we will talk about the Ngorongoro crater, an impressive “cage” full of wildlife. Continue…

Ngorongoro Overview

Manyara Lake

With an area of ​​330 km² where the lake occupies three quarters when it is at its highest level, the national park of theManyara Lake It is one of the least visited and most underrated parks inTanzania.Continue…

Manyara Lake

Serengeti National Park

With an area greater than the community of Navarra in Spain, 14,763 km², and adjacent to the most famous national park in Kenya, theMasai Mara, tens of thousands of wildebeest, the main herbivore and also the main diet of many predators of the park, run along its vast plains. Continue…

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Zanzibar Island

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East Coast of Zanzibar