What to see in Berlin in two days or three days (Complete guide)


They say about it, cold, rain, bad weather, maybe an ideal combination for a trip to go to waste, but Berlin even with bad days, fills you with astory that impacts, places that bring you memories of dark times or bloody wars and moments for oblivion so we don't make the same mistakes again. There are so many things to do and see in Berlin, which for many has become an ideal city and very different from the rest of the capitals of Europe.

Berlin Cathedral

Berlin is the example of a city modern and cosmopolitan, with a dark past, destroyed by the bombs of the allies during the second world war, that there is little or nothing of that time, but that has tried not to forget it with exemplary museums and emblematic places a history that has felt and penetrated in the middle planet.

Squeak in Berlin

I laugh at those who may think that Berlin has little to offer, that it has few monuments, that it is a modern city and that there is nothing left of what it was before the great war. I am one of those who think that just soaking up a little history, closing your eyes, thinking or just imagining is more than enough for your senses to recreate and turn a city like Berlin into a hollywood movie about the second world war or the cold war, two sad but fascinating times historically speaking.

What to see in Berlin in two or three days

20 places to see in Berlin

Focusing on the most prominent places for what to see in Berlin, we are left with those that most symbolize both the Second World War and the Cold War, but without neglecting the wonderful island of museums or the beautifulSchloss Charlottenburg.

  1. Reichstag Building
  2. Checkpoint Charlie
  3. The Pergamon Museum
  4. Berlin Cathedral (Berliner Dom)
  5. Postdamer Platz
  6. Breischeiplatz (Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church)
  7. Holocaust Memorial
  8. Scholss Charlottenburg
  9. Brandenburg Gate
  10. Berlin Story Bunker
  11. Topography of Terror
  12. East Side Gallery
  13. Memorial to the Soviet soldiers
  14. German Cathedral (Deutscher Dom)
  15. Neues Museum
  16. Berlin Fernsehturm
  17. Alexanderplatz
  18. Konzerthaus Berlin
  19. Altes Museum
  20. Berlin New Guard building

1 The Reichstag building

Wrecked during the Second World War today is one of the references of the German capital with the banner of its English architect's glass dome Norman Foster. Do not forget to buy the ticket at least one month in advance, as it is the most demanded visit From the capital.

Reichtag Building

2 Checkpoint Charlie

Our favorite place, perhaps because of what it means or perhaps because of the meaning of an era, the cold war, so intriguing, hard and challenging. It is a very tourist area, really, but beyond the symbolism and photos of the american and russian soldier, visit the museum, since it explains everything that happened around the wall, the people who tried to avoid it and the failures and successes of those who tried it. Worth!.

Checkpoint Charlie
Checkpoint Charlie

3 Pergamon Museum

It is possibly the most spectacular museum in all of Berlin. Located in the Museum island, there are three museums in one. It has areas dedicated to Rome, Greece, Islam, the Hellenistic period and especially Mesopotamia. But if we have to decide for something those are, the pergamon altar and theIstar Gate.

Pergamon Museum

4 Berlin Cathedral (Berliner Dom)

With a huge park at its entrance, the old Prussian court church of 1905, is visible from much of Berlin thanks to its dome, since it has nothing less than 113m high. It is a place frequented by tourists and Berliners by the large lawn esplanade at the front door, ideal for sunbathing :). In addition, behind it and next to the river, there are the main exits of the city ​​boat tours.

Berlin Cathedral
Berlin Cathedral

5 Potsdamer Platz

It means modern and current Berlin. Around this building there are samples of the best contemporary architects. There is also a piece of the Berlin wall and a square with a glass roof that was once a great symbol of modernity.

6 Breitscheiplatz (Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial)

Symbol of a war that took more than 50 million dead and a symbol of a Berlin that no longer exists today. This neo-Romanesque church was destroyed by the allies in 1945 and it is a clear example of the harshness of war. Inside there is a small museum, free, that explains how it was before, what happened and what remains today.

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

7 Holocaust Memorial

Labyrinth of concrete columns in homage to all those who perished with the holocaust, today it is frequented by people taking selfies and tourists with little respect. Please, let's think about the story.

Holocaust Memorial

8 Schloss Charlottenburg

The splendor of prussian empire Leave a clear mark on this imposing castle south of Berlin. It was the former residence of Frederick I and was inaugurated in 1695. If you want to see it inside, keep in mind that it will take you at least mid-morning.

Schloss Charlottenburg

9 Brandenburg Gate

Simply by thinking the Nazi parades with torches that passed under the Brandenburg Gate makes you shrink before his presence. It will not be the most spectacular or the most beautiful, but if one through which wars, genocides and the separation of families in the time of the cold war have passed. It hasn't been long since the machine guns they were resting next to the horses on the upper porch of the door.

Brandenburg Gate

10 Berlin Story Bunker

In one of the few bunkers that remain in Berlin and in it stands a peculiar museum where the history of the nazis and of Hitler. We spent more than 2 hours in its 3 or 4 floors, viewing hundreds of photographs chronologically. A good place to learn a little more history.

Berlin Story Bunker

11 Museum of Topography of Terror

A new free museum, where he explains the history of the Second World War from the perspective of the terror and suffering of a war and a city like Berlin. Also, in addition to the photographic exhibition of the interior, there is another section of the Berlin wall with part of the history of the S.S, since its former barracks was here before it was destroyed.

Museum of Topography of Terror
Museum of Topography of Terror

12 Wall in East Side Gallery

To the east of the city there is one of the most colorful parts of the Berlin wall, where 118 artists with their graffiti they have covered the wall celebrating their fall.

East Side Gallery
East Side Gallery

13 Memorial to the Soviet soldiers

Not far from Reichtag and next to a park that looks like a forest, a WWII Soviet soldier appears defiant. It is a monument built by them, as winners, after the fall of Berlin, a monument dedicated to the more than 80,000 soviets that fell into the Battle of Berlin.

Memorial to the Soviet soldiers

14 German Cathedral (Deutscher Dom)

Next to the Berlin Opera, right in the center and in the square Gendarmenmarkt, is the German Cathedral, in front of the French Cathedral. The curiosity of that closeness was the diversity of worship and language. Some were Lutherans, Germanic language, and others Calvinists, French language.

Deutscher Dom

15 Neues Museum

The best Egyptian museum in Germany contains one of the most famous pieces of that time, the bust of nothing less than Nefertiti. Isn't it enough for a visit?

16  Berlin Fernsehturm

Next to Alexanderplatz, the communications tower from Berlin, it was inaugurated in 1969. It is visible from all over the city and today it is possible to get on it to have a panoramic of the city or to have dinner at restaurant that is in the great sphere.

Berlin Fernsehturm

17  The modern Alexanderplatz

It is one of the busiest squares in the city. It is surrounded by shops and restaurants, which close on Sundays eye, and is one of the main train and tram stations. From it you can access the communications tower, as well as being a good place to start the city visit.


18  Konzerthaus Berlin

If you like opera this is your place. Between the German Cathedral and the French Cathedral is the building par excellence of lovers of this genre.

Konzerthaus Berlin

19  Altes Museum

This museum houses the antique collection from the state museums of the city. Until 2005 there was the collection of the Egyptian museum, but once the new museum was built, all that collection was moved there. It is considered one of the greatest examples of the city's Neoclassicism and one of the first buildings in the world that housed a space for that purpose.

Altes Museum

20  Berlin New Guard building

Destroyed several times, it is a monument dedicated to the victims of war and dictatorship, although at the time it was the headquarters of the troops of the Prince of Prussia. It is located on the same street as the Brandenburg Gate.

Berlin New Guard building

Things you should know before going to Berlin

A little history

If we talk about its history, the most recent is the one that concerns Berlin Wall. A wall that divided the communism of democracy, with a single objective, to prevent the citizens of the RDA escape to RFA, or what is the same, to the west and to freedom. Since the Second World War Berlin was divided into 4 sectors. The French, the British and the American to the west and to the east the Russian, for nothing less than a wall of more than 160km in length.

The wall was heavily guarded by both the army and the police, with two soldiers every 200m in most sections. During the cold war many chose to escape for Hungary or for the old YugoslaviaBut the cold, the control numbers and the long journey made many Berliners choose to make a leap towards democracy through the Berlin Wall.

Hans Conrad Scgumann

Many are the stories of families or citizens of the former GDR who tried to flee to West Berlin, events such as:

  • That ofHans Conrad Scgumann, the first person to escape and also the first photograph of an escape on the Berlin wall. From this event the measures hardened and the wall was strengthened with huge amounts of concrete.
  • That of the family Wetzel, which manufactured a balloon based on sheets for several months. After several attempts they crashed into a forest, not knowing where they were, waiting for the GDR army to capture them and take them to prison, but luckily, they fell into western territory and were rescued by the police of the democratic Berlin. It is one of the most emotional scenes in the sad history of this wall.
  • A car was transformed to accommodate inside 9 people perfectly camouflaged. Who knows if they have patented it at the borders of Melilla or Ceuta.
  • A driver of an underground train crashed them at the stationAlbrechtstrasse, where he made his way with 24 family and friends.
  • By last, Bernd boettger He had so much free time that he made a submarine to reach allied territory.

Anyway, they are only small samples of the escapes that took place in this sad place, where more than 400 people, 800 unofficial, died from the famous bullet in the back that every fugitive who dared to jump the wall received.


Berlin is an example of a city that has managed to transform itself and, above all, out of its ashes. It is a modern city, the most cosmopolitan in all of Germany. 15% of its population is foreign. For example if you walk through the district of Kreuzberg you will be in a mini Turkish state, because in it resides the largest Turkish community outside of Turkey. Berlin is a living city, with its terraces in summer and its Christmas stalls in winter. People just use the car, prefer the bike, in herfestivals abound and especially the party, where a clear example is that a coffee costs the same as a beer. Berlin in the background just needs to replace the tap water with a good German beer.

What to see in Berlin is a question we all ask ourselves when a city is so big. One of the main arteries of Berlin is the river spree, navigable like many European rivers, and that embraces one of the islands with the greatest cultural assets in the world, the Museum island, where the Pergamon Museum.


If we talk about streets, the Friedrich Strasse with the Checkpoint Charlie It is one of those places of spy film and that you have to visit if or if, both for the point where the soldiers' posts were and for the museum that is a real time machine and history of the cold war.

The weight of recent history is what has most influenced tourism and a multitude of spaces in the heart of Berlin. The Brandenburg Gate It is one of the icons of the cold war next to the most famous wall in the world, the Berlin Wall, symbol of the separation of families and maximum expression of communism of that time.


Nowadays in Berlin there are neighborhoods like the Jewish quarter, where it houses the largest number of restaurants and art galleries or as the new neighborhood ofNeukölln, popular for its excellent connections and for having a multitude of trendy bars and restaurants in addition to having more affordable prices to live or just spend a weekend.

Practical data

Before leaving for Germany

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How to get to Berlin?

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Search flights to Berlin

Airport Transfers

If you do not want to haggle and want to go comfortable and safe from the airport to Berlin we recommend that you hire an airport transfer It is not expensive and worth it.

By the way, it is possible to rent cars of the type carsharing. There are charging points for electric cars in many streets of Berlin. A good option

Eat in Berlin

Berlin is not famous for its cuisine, but for certain things you have to try:

  • Ask for Currywurst, the classic sausage chopped
  • The classic German muffin, the Bratwurst in Bröchen

Besides, we recommend several restaurants that never fail:

  • Trattoria Venezia. Delicious, cheap and above all huge pizzas. Order one for 2 or 3 🙂

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