Barrancas de Burujón, a unique getaway to Toledo


Barrancas de Burujón is one of the most unique places we have in Spanish geography. It is one of those typical places that invite you to make a weekend getaway, without knowing what you can find and above all, wanting to meet those expectations with an unusual landscape. East natural site, As if that were not enough, it has attracted the attention of major brands such asCoca Cola or Renault, since both have recorded advertisements of your products Even the odd singer has dared to record his ownmusic video. Is it because of the beauty it projects?

Burujón canyons

A getaway to the Barrancas de Burujón

This natural site can remind us of the Carcavas of the Pontón de la Oliva and the Royal Bardenas in Navarra, for those reddish cuts that have always attracted our attention.

We had heard so many times about this place that in the end we planned a weekend getaway to Toledo, to visit the historic center and the Barrancas de Burujón, which are not far away. It is true that if you are from Madrid, Avila or Toledo in a long morning you can see it and return perfectly, but in the end with the desire to take advantage of the weekend we plan two days, one of history and another of nature.

Knowing how it is Castilla la Mancha and the heat that hits each summer we plan the visit in autumn, when the field begins to be greener and when the cut of the Barrancas de Burujón begins to gain shades beyond the yellow and red. True, the Barrancas can be visited at any time of the year, but in summer it is so hot that it is only advisable to go at sunset, when the sun makes its colors stand out and when the temperature begins to decrease.

Burujón canyons

In our case, when going in fall, the heat was only a memory of our minds. It was a hurricane wind, the longer we go ... and shortly after leaving the car we realized that it was a day to do "feats." Such was the blow of the wind that we had to wear sunglasses just so that the sand didn't penetrate our eyes.

As a recommendation for those who go the first time you can fall into the error of parking the car in the first parking, an error if there are not many people, since you can access the viewpoints through a dirt track in your vehicle and park right there, so you will save more than a kilometer of cost. Luckily, we looked at the GPS and he confirmed that the dirt track reached the viewpoints.

Viewpoints in the Barrancas de Burujón

You can leave the car at the first viewpoint and thus walk next to the castrejón reservoir, with those incredible views of the Barrancas de Burujón. With the first viewpoint you can see practically the best view and almost all the landscape that this natural site can offer, but if you like to go beyond what conventional tourists see, we recommend you prepare good shoes, since there is a path that leaves from the upper left of the first parking lot that surrounds the Barrancas.

Trail in the Barrancas de Burujón

East path It goes through the upper part of the Barrancas, passing very close to the cuts and with really fabulous views. It is a simple route, with hardly any difficulty unless it is raining, since it can be slippery at some point With touring it during 10 or 15 minutes Now you can take "home" more than one alternative view to the classic ones of the Barrancas de Burujón.

Burujón canyons
Burujón canyons

Once back from the path, along the same road since it is not circular, the rest of the viewpoints are visible from the parking lot of the viewpoints. You can travel by car or on foot, everything will depend on the number of visitors, as sometimes there are too many cars. The last viewpoint, the juniper viewpoint, is prepared with tables to eat in the countryside.

Dirt track in the Barrancas de Burujón
Burujón canyons

Recommendations for your visit

Route of the Barrancas on foot or by car

The Barrancas de Burujón can be covered by car or on foot. At the entrance there is a parking lot about 15 minute walk from the first viewpoint. It is a good option if desired walk, but beware, a long slope with a lot of dust awaits you. Instead by car it is possible to make a circular routemarked in Red in the following map, where you can also access a path, in blue, for all levels and that we recommend without any doubt.

Route Barrancas on foot and by car

Practical data

How to get?

To get to the Barrancas de Burujón from Madrid you have two good alternatives. One passing through Toledo, through the A-42 and the CM-4000 leaving by exit 26, or by the TO 5, diverting in Santa Cruz de Retamar. Click here to see it on Google Maps.

Route to the Barrancas de Burujón

When to go?

In summer you can get very hot unless you go at sunrise or sunset, the best time. Depending on the time of the year you can see the redder or greener ravines, since from autumn to spring part of the slopes are covered by grass mantles.

Tours and guided visits in Toledo

Through the web of Civitatis You can see or book tours or guided tours of the province of Toledo.

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Where to sleep?

In Toledo

  • Imperial Toledo From € 60 modern rooms in the historic center
  • GIT Conquest of Toledo. From € 45 in front of the Alcazar de Toledo
  • Eurostars Toledo. Modern and in the center

In Burujón

  • The corner of Burujón. Cottage with two bedrooms

In Torrijos

  • La Salve Spa Hotel. Hotel with SPA in a town like Torrijos

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