Menorca by rental car (Places you have to visit)


After touring the islands of Ibiza, Mallorca and Formentera we had the thorn stuck to know the so-called quiet island, the island of Menorca. The idea was to enjoy Menorca by rental car for a week and thus know its best beaches, the inland villages, the most picturesque lighthouses, the capital Mahon and the beautiful Citadel. A plan that should be well prepared and that we want to tell you in detail. Our goal, to enjoy this spectacular island to the fullest.

Do not forget to watch the video above, where you will see our entire trip and a summary of everything you can see in Menorca!

Menorca by rental car

An island to drive it (car rental in Menorca)

The one that crosses the Balearic Islands normally does it by car and Menorca could not be less. Menorca by rental car is the preferred option for most tourists visiting the island, especially for comfort, since in the end it adapts to all budgets and ways of traveling.

When we say Menorca by rental car it is because Menorca is an island to be lived from the road. Menorca is an island that you can travel from east to west in just 45 minutes. It is a relatively small island, since when you are there it gives the feeling that it is bigger than it seems.

Dusk north of Citadel
Menorca by rental car

The vast majority of those who visit Menorca are attracted by its coastline sculpted by beautiful coves, very different between those of the north and those of the south. Those of thenorth They are more wild and windy. Instead those ofsouth They are somewhat more heavenly but much more crowded in high season due to the presence of hotels in the area.

It is not crazy to say that you can stay north and go south every day. Nor is staying in Mahón and going to the nearby beaches of Ciudadela every day. By rental car, and more if it is a convertible, traveling the roads of Menorca will never be a problem.

Budget of our experience

For a 7-day trip in mid-high season and staying in a rural hotel north of Ciudadella, we get to spend the following:

  • accommodation in the Biniatram Agrotourism complex, 800 € 7 nights (apartment with kitchen and swimming pool)
  • 7 days a BMW 3 Series with SIXT for € 324, or € 189 for a Ford KA. SIXT is the agency with the most modern and exclusive cars (in high season prices are somewhat higher)
  • Flight from Madrid with € 80 round trip
  • Gasoline About 2 deposits in 7 days, € 100.
  • Entrance to the Naveta des Tudons 2€, Town of Talati de Dalt 4€, Marlborough Fort € 3 and at Mola Fort 8€
  • Cova d'en Xoroi and other places of drinks / party about € 50
  • Restaurants and dinner to not "forget" about € 200

Obviously you can consider a lowest cost trip to Menorca, eating or dining in the apartment every day or renting a smaller car or rental vehicle (we were carrying a BMW convertible). The reality is that the island deserves it and not only that, if you do everything withSufficient advance The trip will be more affordable than one thinks. Everything is to anticipate and anticipate.

Menorca by rental car
Menorca by rental car

Places you have to visit

After 7 days in Menorca by rental car we can already tell you that there are a number of places that you cannot leave out, indispensable places and that will make your trip to Menorca an unforgettable experience. We are already looking forward to coming back!

  1. Mahon and Citadel
  2. Lighthouses of Menorca
    • Favaritx Lighthouse
    • Cavalleria Lighthouse
  3. The Talayotic past and the strong
    • Naveta des Tudons
    • Town of Talati de Dalt
    • Marlborough Fort
    • Mola Fort
  4. Villages you have to visit
    • Fornells
    • Binibeca
  5. North and South Beaches

1 Mahón and Citadel

The two largest towns in Menorca compete in many things. Citadel It is possibly the most beautiful of the two, with large pedestrian areas, more touristy and with much more life. Instead Mahon For many it is a somewhat passing city, but if you know it well and stroll through its streets you can find places like the Church of Santa Maria or the sailor restaurants on the pier.


2 The northern lighthouses

The north of Menorca has a series of unique lighthouses where the Favaritx lighthouse and the Cavalleria lighthouse stand out above the rest.

Favaritx Lighthouse

Possibly the most beautiful lighthouse in Menorca, both for its classic form and its location. If you have seen the video of the article, the sequence seen from the car from the air at the beginning of it is the road that leads to the Favaritx Lighthouse. A part not far from this lighthouse there are several beaches in privileged places, as with the Turtle Creek. For us, one of the most beautiful places in Menorca.

Favaritx Lighthouse
Turtle Creek

Cavalleria Lighthouse

Easier than Favaritx, this lighthouse is very popular, especially in the sunsets, since it is the northernmost point of the island. It is not especially beautiful, but like every lighthouse has its particular charm.

Cavalleria Lighthouse
Sunset in Menorca

3 The Talayotic past and the strong

Menorca can be divided into two very interesting historical periods. The one from the past Talayotic and that of english colonialism With the Spanish reconquest. From the first we stayed with the famous Naveta des Tudons and with the Taula and Talaiot de Talati de Dalt. From the second, the forts of Mola and Marlborough, a legacy that has left structures and complexes really interesting.

Naveta des Tudons (Ticket € 2)

On the way to Ciudadela we have this small complex. They say it is one of the monuments of the European prehistory more significant, since it is a tomb with a unique state of conservation. You can disappoint or fall in love, yes, go first thing, which in the high season can get crowded.

Naveta des Tudons

Village of Talati de Dalt (Entrance € 4)

More complete than the Naveta des Tudons and inhabited until the Islamic era is currently the best preserved on the island. It has a talayot, a necropolis and hypostyle rooms.

Taula and Talaiot by Talati de Dalt

Marlborough Fort (Entrance € 3)

It was the first fort we saw in Menorca. The entrance that allows you to enter the 18th century. You can see in the fort underground galleries, contramines and rooms carved into the rock. If you are interested in its history, this fort suffered long sieges in that century, some worthy of film and that you can know through the brochure they give you at the entrance.

Marlborough Fort

Fort of La Mola (Entrance € 8)

The fort of La Mola or fortress of Isabel II is undoubtedly the most spectacular in Menorca. To access it you have to pay the € 8 of the entrance, which is well worth it, since the complex is really large. This fort or fortress is from the 19th century, so it is of Spanish authorship. He is considered one of the greatest European forts of that century.

La Mola
La Mola

4 Peoples you can't miss


Fornells is the fishing village most famous in northern Menorca. For us it is the town of the two streets. The one that overlooks the sea, with beautiful prints of the ships that enter and leave the port, and that of the street of the restaurants, where there is one that stands out above the rest, the famous It's Pla, remembered and praised by many for their Lobster stew.



Although somewhat artificial, Binibeca is a small charming town. In summer it is crowded with people and although its restaurants are not that they are from another world, strolling next to those white fairy tales is worth it. Is a perfect excursion For those days you don't want to be in the sun all day at the beach.


5 The best coves and beaches of Menorca

We will talk later, in detail, about the best beaches and coves of Menorca. No doubt they left us in love not only with one or two, if not more than ten, for what there is to choose from. This is our particular selection.

Coves Menorca

North Zone

The coves and beaches of the northern area are famous for the air that usually runs in them and for being somewhat more aggressive than those in the south. Many are of stones and others of a amazing red. For us, the best, but for many those in the south are paradise.

  • Pregonda Creek
  • Turtle Creek
  • Cala Morrell
  • Cala d'Algairens
  • Cala Morrell
  • Cala Brut (West)

Pregonda Creek
Cala Morrell

South Zone

The coves of the south are the ones that usually appear in the photographs on the postcards, with those turquoise backgrounds and those White sand beaches. Against him, that in high season they are taken away, but when they are empty they are a true paradise.

  • Binissafuller Beach
  • Cala Mitjana
  • Turqueta Creek
  • Cala Macarella and Macarelleta
  • Cala Galdana
  • Son Bou beach

Turqueta Creek
Cala Mitjana

We recommend that you read our article “The best beaches of Menorca”, where we talk in detail about each one

Practical data

Restaurants you have to know

In Mahon

  • Il Porto. A good Italian with great value
  • Sespigo. although it is not cheap, they serve one of the best fish on the island
  • Marivent. Cutting-edge and original cuisine

In Ciudadella

  • Balearic coffee. Of the ones we liked the most. It is always full and should arrive very soon to catch a table. Great food and great attention
  • Cas Consol. It has good views if you arrive soon and also the food is rich, rich

Other places

  • Es Pla in Fornells. It is one of the best known restaurants in Menorca. The specialty is the Lobster stewsensational
  • The Rooster in Cala Galdana. 5 minutes away is this cozy restaurant with Menorcan cuisine, although its specialty is meat. We loved it!.

Reading that will suit you

  • Minorca. Biosphere Reserve. Possibly the best guide in Menorca
  • The Camí de Cavalls. The quintessential hiking trail of the island