Which of these capitals would you like to visit during Holy Week?


Many times we have doubts about what to visit at Easter. Doubt always falls if we stay in Spain or go out to meet some European capital. After all four days they give a lot of play to visit any capital like these that you probably already know, well the truth is thatIstanbul Capital is not, but for us it is as if it were, since they all bring together beauty, culture and nightlife.

Roman Forum

Which would you like to visit during Holy Week?

Following a pure alphabetical order, we are left with the capitals of Germany, Hungary, Turkey, Great Britain, France, and Italy. Except for Istanbul, we can say that they are relatively close, although the Turkey's quintessential city For a four-day getaway it remains almost unique.


If you are a lover of modern history, of the modern cities that create trend and of the fashionable premises Berlin is your city. Berlin always has an interesting event to visit and if not, there are the fabulous exhibitions of the Museum island or live and I would say feel, how you lived the cold War In this city. Visit in Holy Week Berlin, yes!


We highlight the following from Berlin:

  • The Reichstag and the Brandenburg Gate
  • Checkpoint Charlie and all that remains of the cold war
  • The island of museums

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1 Budapest

I remember a Weekend rainy in Budapest. Those cold days that make you lazy to leave the hotel. It was February, not even Holy Week. We liked this city so much that the rain cannot appease our enthusiasm or the desire to travel every corner of this city. Whether in Buda or Pest, we are fascinated by the city. Without a doubt, one of our Top to visit during Holy Week.

Fisherman's Bastion

We highlight the following from Budapest:

  • The Parlament
  • Fisherman's Elbastion
  • The Chain Bridge

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2 Istanbul

Although officially the administrative capital is Ankara, the economic and tourist is Istanbul. It is the most different from those we see today, both by religion and culture. Nestled in the Golden Horn, Istanbul is located in a strategic place. Water always pays homage to him along with several of the most spectacular mosques on the planet. Turkey and Istanbul It is one of the best destinations today, and the truth is, few places shade it to travel during Holy Week.

Istanbul - Santa Sofia

We highlight the following from Istanbul:

  • Santa Sofia
  • Blue Mosque
  • The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

3 London

The last time we visited London was exclusively to visit its museums, something that few cities can cope with. London we can say that it has practically everything. Meets culturallyIt is a cosmopolitan city, has great nightlife and has restaurants with international awards. It is expensive, yes, but it is worth the visit.


We highlight the following from London:

  • The Big Ben
  • The British Museum and those dedicated to WWI and WWII
  • Picadilly Circus and Nothing Hill

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4 Paris

It is one of the cities that you have to meet at least once in your life. Paris is magical, it is great, except for the prices of its hotels and restaurants we could say that it is perfect to visit during Holy Week. Who is not able to say at least one name of a place in Paris?

Notre Dame Cathedral

We highlight the following from Paris:

  • The Eiffel Tower
  • The Louvre museum
  • The Elisios Fields

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5 Rome

The sweet vita. Rome is the city. It is unique among all, it is magnificent among the greats. Some may say that it is chaotic, but it overflows with so much culture that this negative part goes unnoticed. Apart the aspect gastronomic and have as a bastion the Vatican and the Colosseum as banners they make Rome one of the best destinations for Holy Week.

Roman Forum

We highlight the following from Rome:

  • The Vatican
  • The Colosseum and the Roman Forum
  • Pantheon of Agrippa

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What cities would you add to this list?