The best routes of the Guadarrama National Park


HeGuadarrama National ParkHe was born barely two years ago, in July 2013, being the first national park in Madrid with no less than 30,000 hectares. This makes it the fourth national park by extension, although they are somewhat short because of the beauty and the places it hides for hiking and enjoying nature. In Viaja por libre we are addicted to this mountain range, to this park and that is why we have decided to gather in this article the best hiking trails to be able to enjoy its landscapes to the fullest and why not, of its fauna.

Guadarrama National Park

For many years both the Sierra de Guadarrama as the Sierra de Gredos have been two of the great spaces of Spain orphaned by not being considered as possible national parks. It has been many years until one of them, the Sierra de Guadarrama, was named with this "award." This, like everything else, has its advantages and disadvantages. Advantages, because there is a character of greater protection and aid to the economy of the area. Disadvantages, you bring more mass and nature looks more resentful.

Guadarrama National Park

A part is the territory defined as a park, since it is a real tease. Many areas have been left out and others do not reach 20km wide. In addition there are the two ski resorts, which with this appointment could get together and jeopardize part of the area.

Map of the Guadarrama National Park

Leaving behind if it is worth being named a national park it is true that theGuadarrama National Park has obtained this award by having in its territoryeleven different ecosystems and more than 40% of the representation of national species, including wildcats, foxes, raptors, vultures, mountain goats, wild boars and the occasional wolf. For the tourist this is exceptional, and for the true mountaineer a little paradise. Do not you think ?.

The best routes in the national park

The truth that seeing wildlife is not easy. The mountain goats and the vultures They are at ease, they have daytime habits, but to see the rest you have to leave the more conventional routes to at least see a “footprint”.

If there is one thing that can boast the area is the amount of hiking trails what's wrong with it. The Guadarrama National Park has hundreds of routes with peaks higher than 2,000m where the Peñalara stands out, with 2,429m, the highest peak of Guadarrama. In this selection of the best routes we wanted to meet those that meet the requirements that make us love the mountain, requirements such as:

  • Loneliness. Routes with little crowding.
  • Beauty. Those that landscapes leave you with your mouth open.
  • Changing. Whether in winter or summer, the route changes, it is different. The snow gives it a titanic appearance, the summer of a true mountain range.

Circular in La Pedriza

Although it is one of the most popular places from the Sierra de Guadarrama it is possible to walk alone, incredible! The Pedriza is famous for being one of the most spectacular areas of the Guadarrama National Park and for being a place of picnic and points to practice the climbing.

La Pedriza

Ascension to the Peñalara from the south face

Although since Cotos parking the ascent is much easier, you save more than 600m of unevenness, the ascent along the south face is much quieter and more impressive, since much of the route crosses a lush pine forest and several stream channels that are born in thePeñalara.

Risco de los Claveles - Peñalara

The Malicious by the south face

It is one of the classic mountains within the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park. As in the case of Peñalara we have chosen to avoid the traditional route that starts from the Navacerrada Harbor going through the ball of the world.

Views from the route

Circular through the Port of Canencia

Located in the eastern part of the mountains, in this place the tops are much steep and the levels much lower. Advantage, this much less traveled than the popular routes of the Port of Navacerrada.

Port of Canencia

The Bear's Rock

Together to the Seven Peaks and the Montón de Trigo, the Peña del Oso is one of the classic routes of the national park. This ascension stands out because instead of being born in the province of Madrid, part of Segovia, starting point that makes you see more wildlife than usual by not being so crowded.

Guadarrama National Park

Iron Heads

Cabezas de Hierro is the second summit of the Guadarrama National Park and is visible from the very city of Madrid. It is formed by two summits, Iron Head Higher and the Less, and is accessible from several points, such as the port of Cotos, from the Ball of the World and even from La Pedriza.

Minor Iron Head from the Major

If you come from outside to enjoy the Guadarrama National Park, it is best to stay in a rural house, especially because they are immersed in nature and close to the main trails.

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