Take out travel insurance to Nicaragua


Hiring a travel insurance to Nicaragua is no nonsense. This country struck us, we thought it was the best of Central America and although we had no mishaps, in other countries if we have had them, we would not have played it for investing a small part of our budget, because travel insurance not only gives you peace of mind, but also security.


The experience in Nicaragua

We have visited several countries near Nicaragua such as Guatemala, Honduras or Costa Rica. Some are safer than others and others have more or less means to travel inside. Nicaragua is a bit of everything. Managua, the capital, is not the safest city, something in common with the rest of the big cities of Latin America. In the background there are usually no problems with tourists, except for traffic accidents or actions that we like to live closely with many travelers, such as adventure. There is possible do certain activities with some risksuch as surfing, kayaking, hiking, sandboarding or diving. Of all these only hiking, what things…., Brought us a sprain for home. These things happen, but when it happens to you as soon as you start your trip this usually ends in bad vibes. I have to say that one in ten trips we have had some minor setback, which is something casual and I would say almost unlikely, but it can happen, and the experience we live again with a simple sprained ankle.

Ometepe Island - Hacienda Merida

Luckily, it was treated on time. Radiography, bandages and crutches, nothing more. I can say that it is better to live this insignificant experience than to suffer major problems in a country like Nicaragua. Hospitals are not nearly like those in Spain. Many of you ask us questions about this country, which recommended areas and sometimes for your safety or for thefts. But if we have to talk about healing, anyway, they still have a journey. We always say that we thought it was a safe country, but of course, are you prepared for small contingencies? Hire a Travel insurance to travel to Nicaragua is no nonsense and something to be valued when traveling to a destination with few resources and somewhat unknown.

Travel insurance to Nicaragua

We don't want to fool you, a travel insurance company contacted us to see the growing demand of this country and especially for our positioning in Google. Nicaragua and Travel for free are very close to having managed to position ourselves in the king of search engines. Tell you that this company offered us to make a discount of a 5% to our readers if they decide to take out travel insurance with them. And why don't we think? If it is good for our followers it is good for us.

How much does travel insurance to Nicaragua cost?

The price may vary depending on the number of days, but applying Travel discount for free in Iati Your travel insurance to Nicaragua could cost you the following:

1 week2 weeks3 weeksOne month
Basic insurance29,08 €47,93 €70,62 €70,62 €
Standard30,63 €58,53 €73,39 €100,4 €
Iati star42,57 €79,38 €94,16 €131,26 €

For your safety and tranquility we recommend that you go with travel insurance

Advantages of travel insurance

In this case, the Iati company, a reference in travel insurance, has proposed minimum conditions of the type:

  • Power cancel it at any time, since you can regret it once you have bought it
  • Medical assistance in the country
  • Theft and damage to luggage
  • Criminal defense, everything can happen outside
  • Repatriation and displacement of a relative As minimum
  • Disability or death accident guarantee
  • Foreign stay expenses
  • Send of medicines
  • And finally, advance of funds

And if you still have doubts, let's give examples of situations that could happen during a stay in Nicaragua:

  • Any illness or accident is a ruin. It is always better to go to a private hospital
  • You don't know the language, the insurance company can speak for you
  • A motorcycle or car accident
  • A simple cold, pneumonia
  • Any type of setback that involves an operation such as appendicitis, a break, etc.
  • A sting of any poisonous animal
  • An accident when you practice any sport
  • A stroke, a fall or a simple infection
  • A sudden illness of a relative
  • Lost luggage

If you are willing to move on, take out travel insurance to Nicaragua and also take a 5% discount just click on the following button. It will take you to the Iati insurance page, calculate your budget and you will see that in the end they will apply the 5% discount. Remember, they will only apply if you access their page from Travel for free. Good luck and a good trip!

Travel insurance

For a trip like this it is best to take out insurance. Iati offers us a offer for followers Travel for free. Traveling does not exempt you from having an accident, needing a doctor, a transfer or medication. Do not play it. Check the travel insurance by clicking on the banner and you will have a 5% in your insurance for being a reader of Travel for free. If you want more information click here.