Excursion to the temple of Abu Simbel in Egypt


The years pass and we have taken no less than 16 to return and make the excursion to Abu Simbel temple in Egypt. A country that captivated me the first time and now that we are back the thing has not changed. Egypt is a wonder, from north to south, which, in my view, has the most impressive temples on the entire planet.

Excursion to the temple of Abu Simbel in Egypt

Excursion to the temple of Abu Simbel (Egypt)

Talk about Abu Simbel It's talking about big words. It is to start the farthest temple in Egypt, just 40 kilometers from Sudan and located on the banks of Nasser. This has been the case since the late sixties since there was previously no lake and the temple was located 200 meters below.

Abu Simbel before the transfer (200 years ago)

This is possible? Well, the answer is simple, yes. In the second half of the twentieth century, the president of Egypt at that time, Nasser, devised a plan to create the largest dam in the world with the aim of controlling the water of the Nile, susceptible to flooding, and especially to provide Electricity throughout the country. The problem is that the area was plagued with temples of more than 2000 years and, of course, the international community put their hands on their heads.

Abu Simbel after the transfer

Then a number of countries, including Spain, cooperated with Egypt to move the temples, including Abu Simbel. For this reason the government of Egypt granted as a reward the term Debod, located today in Madrid.

Ramses II Temple

Visit to the temple of Abu Simbel

To visit Abu Simbel, the most normal thing is to travel by car or bus from the city of Aswan (Aswan). Right there you can hire a tour that includes transportation. Another option is to take a plane from Aswan (Aswan) but the price is very high.

Nefertari Temple

Therefore, knowing that we almost certainly have to go by bus, you should know that they leave very early, about 4 am and they arrive in some 3 hours approximately. Stop included to go to the bathroom. This is done for two reasons. The first to avoid the heat of the desert and the second for its orientation. If we go in the afternoon, in addition to cooking we will have it in the shade.

Excursion to the temple of Abu Simbel in Egypt

And another important detail, there is nothing on the way ... just desert, so go thinking about sleeping or killing time in any other way.

Entrance to the temples of Abu Simbel

Admission costs around 200 pounds Egyptians and this must be added another entry to be able to photograph inside the temples. Eye, they will constantly demand them.

Nefertari Temple

The temples are accessed after 150 meters from the bus parking lot. Once passed the control of backpacks, we will skirt an artificial mountain on the right, although it may not seem like it ..., where the first of the temples is located, the temple of Ramses II, one of the most famous pharaohs of Egypt and the longest of all.

Ramses II Temple

Ramses II Temple

The temple is of colossal dimensions and was built for several reasons, being one of them to impress the Nubian from the area The first thing we will see are 4 gigantic statues of Ramses II (22 meters), a demolition after an earthquake quite some time ago. These, as you will see, have certain horizontal cuts that were made during their transfer in the sixties. Blocks between 20 and 30 tons of weight….

Ramses II Temple

To this, you can see some graffiti of the nineteenth century. At that time there was already bandalism….

Temple of Ramses II - Graffiti

Once inside the first room, the Hipóstila room, we will see Ramses II in eight large statues and this time incarnate in a God, Osiris.

Hipostila Room

Behind them are depicted scenes of the battle he fought with the Hittites, the current Syrians and which won according to Ramses II. Thing not proven because the Hittites said otherwise.

Temple of Ramses II

At the end of the Hipóstila room is the sanctuary, with 4 figures of Ptah, Amun, Ramses II and Ra-Horakhti. This room is famous for a curious phenomenon. Every year, between October 20/21 and February 20/21, the sun enters through the temple door and illuminates 3 of the 4 figures for a short period of time.


The unlit figure is Ptah and the reason is because he is related to the underworld. And why these dates? Well, it could be for the birthday of Ramses II or the date of his coronation. The reality is that it is not known for sure.


Nefertari Temple

It is known that Ramses II was married to dozens of women and among all of them his favorite was Nefertari, of Nubian origin. He dedicated the second of the temples of Abu Simbel, although at his entrance, of the 6 figures 4 are his and the other 2 of his wife.

Excursion to the temple of Abu Simbel - Temple of Nefertari

Inside there is a room with six columns and engravings of Nefertari's life with her husband. Scenes that show mainly sacrifices to the gods.

Nefertari Temple

This concludes our visit to Abu Simbel. It is time to return to the tedious bazaar and its tireless merchants. In any case, a small trip that we must take if or if in Egypt.

Trip made in conjunction with the Egyptian tourist office

Practical Data

How to get to Abu Simbel

It can be reached on our own via rental car, taxi or bus via a tour. It usually takes about 3 hours from Aswan (Aswan). There are also private planes with high costs.

You can go for free to Abu Simbel

Of course. There is no impediment to it.

How to get to Aswan (Aswan)

It usually arrives in airplane from Cairo. There are several companies that operate it. We also have the option of train, but instead of lasting just over 1 hour, it's 14 hours. However, it is a night train where wagons with beds are available.

From Luxor it can also be reached by train (3h30 ') or by bus.

Can you sleep in Abu Simbel?

Yes. There are several hotels in the area and they allow you to see the night show about the temple of Ramses II, in addition to avoiding the beating of going and returning the same day.

How much does it cost to enter Abu Simbel?

200 Egyptian pounds. To this add permission to photograph inside the temples (300 pounds).

Light and sound show in Abu Simbel

If you stay to sleep you may think about enjoying the light and sound show of Abu Simbel. It is daily, available in several languages ​​and costs about 15 euros To the change.

What to take to the temples of Abu Simbel

He Water It is the most precious asset. We should always carry a bottle of water with us in Egypt. The heat is overwhelming between June and September, very dry and with temperatures above 40 degrees.

Can you photograph the interior of Abu Simbel?

Yes. Since August 2019, smartphones are free and cameras require a special permit that is paid at the box office.

Hire a tour for Abu Simbel

It is the best option to avoid problems. They are also not expensive and come with a guide included. It leaves at 4 in the morning of Asuan and arrives at about 7. It is about 2 hours before returning.

Tours to Abu Simbel

Survive the bazaar

To enter Abu Simbel you go along a road parallel to a tourist bazaar. To leave, we will have to go through this and suffer the harassment of its merchants. These are famous for their heaviness therefore, with saying once NO THANKS, it is better not to speak to them again because they will follow you until the end.

Abu Simbel Bazaar

Where to sleep in Abu Simbel / Aswan

In Aswan the offer is very wide, located all of it on the banks of the Nile or even in islands. There are also hotels in Abu Simbel, but the offer is very small.

  • Baba dool: correct hotel located on the quiet Elephantine island in Aswan.
  • Pyramisa Isis Corniche Aswan resort: a well-priced resort on the banks of the Nile and very close to the center.

Water in Egypt

Egypt is famous for its water and that occasionally scares tourists. All water comes from the Nile and is not always well purified, especially on cruise ships. Therefore it is advisable to drink always bottled water.

Other nearby temples

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